OceanStates reassembles at Solstrand seminar

OceanStates is back in session after the summer here in Bergen, and to set the rhythm for the autumn months, the group gathered for a two-day intensive seminar at Solstrand hotel in the municipality of Os, to discuss their progress and plans moving forward.

With project leader Edvard at the helm, the group spent two days around a table – at a safe meter’s distance – presenting, discussing and reflecting on their work as they move into the second half of 2020



The Postdoctoral fellows and their supervisors each presented the backgrounds and progress of their ongoing work to offer each other deeper insights into each of their disciplines and their approaches to ocean and climate in their work.


Ernst and Joanna contribute legal perspectives to issues surrounding sea level rise and maritime boundaries

Digging further into the potential of interdisciplinarity, the group discussed important questions such as – in various contexts, how does each of us interpret ocean and climate questions from the perspective of our own disciplines? How do we work in a way that is suitable and adaptive to the principles and methods of anthropology, natural science and law alike? What language do we use when talking about ocean and climate issues, and can we develop a shared language in our joint work?






Edvard, Camilla, Noel and Ernst in conversation about the challenges and opportunities of 2020

Another major issue on the agenda was COVID-19 and the restraints that the pandemic has placed on the project’s original timeline and research plans. With all intended international travel having been cancelled – leaving out of the question important conferences and valuable research trips to the Pacific Islands and other locations abroad – the OceanStates researchers discussed new and adapted ways of doing research together and communicating that research outwards.






The scenic coastal landscape and sunny skies did much to inspire the group throughout the seminar.


Vandhna and Noel enjoy the ocean breeze



The OceanStates Bergen team looks forward to the work ahead and bringing to life some of the creative ideas that surfaced at Solstrand

Stay tuned!


The core of the OceanStates Bergen team – (from left to right) Camilla Borrevik, Ernst Nordtveit, Vandhna Kumar, Edvard Hviding, Joanna Siekiera, Noel Keenlyside, Miriam Ladstein.



Written by Miriam Ladstein