Summer break for OceanStates

With summer break rapidly approaching, the OceanStates research team will be taking a month-long pause in July. The project will resume in August with some exciting updates, as well as some progression reporting on the academic year that has passed. OceanStates members have been engaged in a wide range of research activities over the past 12 months, including field visits to the Pacific, conferences and more.

In case you missed any of our previous blog updates, here are a few posts for you to read this summer:

Ocean Talanoa (by Benjamin Wheeler and Håkon Larsen)
Atoll Ways of Being with the Ocean (by Ingjerd Hoëm)
Maritime borders in a rising sea (by Ernst Nordtveit)
One Ocean Week (by Håkon Larsen)

Last year, project members Vandhna Kumar and Jennifer Telesca also published a commentary piece in Mongabay on the IPCC Assessment report which we highly recommend everyone to read as well if you haven’t already:

From victims to claimants: Mobilizing the IPCC Assessment for climate justice


Best summer wishes from all OceanStates members.

Cicia Island at sunset

Cicia Island at sunset, captured from the deck of Statsraad Lehmkuhl, as she passed through the Lau Islands of Fiji as part of the One Ocean Expedition, where several OceanStates members participated. Photo: Håkon Larsen.